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Sports Events
- Stadio San Siro
- San Siro Museum
How to get here

Stadio San Siro
San Siro got further expanded in 1955 when a second tier got built on top of the first one, which resulted in a capacity of about 85,000 places. San Siro is largest football stadium in Italy.

Stadio San Siro officially opened on the 19th of September 1926 with a friendly between Milan and Inter(3-6). The stadiuminitially consisted of four separate stands and could hold 35,000 spectators.

Until 1947,Milan had been the sole occupant of San Siro, but were then joined by Inter, who had before played at the Arena Civica.
In 1980, this "Temple of Soccer" was named "Giuseppe Meazza" to honor the unforgettable Milanese player who played both for Inter and AC Milan and was a two-time World Champion with the Italian national team.

In 1990, on the occasion of the World Cup, the City of Milan decided to work on a deep renovation of the stadium, discarding the idea of building a new structure.


San Siro Museum
Open: everyday 10:00-17:00
Tickets for museum
Full : 7 euro  / Reduce(up to 14 and over 65 years) : 5 euro
Tickets for Museum + Tour
Full : 13 euro  / Reduce(up to 14 and over 65 years) : 10 euro
Guided tours start at opening and depart every 20 min.
The museum opening hours and the guided tours may change on match oe event days.
Check the calender

San siro is not only open during sporting events, everyday you can visit this extraordinary architectural structure, which houses the museum of Onter and A.C.Milan, the first and only museum in Italy within a stadium.

Live first hand the intense emotion to enter one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world, discovering secrets, guided by experienced staff. The memorabilia also helps to reconstruct the history written by the two Milansese and beyond sport.

How to getting here

Address: Via dei Piccolomini 5
Stadio San Siro is located in the west of Milan, approximately 5 kilometres from Milan's historic centre and more than 7 kilometres from MIlan's central railway station.

Take the line MM1 (red) line and get off at LOTTO station, then take the 49 bus until via Capecelatro last stop. On match days there is a shuttle service from the MM1 underground stops LOTTO and LAMPUGNANO.

Take the tram No.16 from Piazza Fontana (Duomo) to San Siro, last stop Via Dessi


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